Amish Country, Ohio


At the Flower and Produce Auction in Mt. Hope, local Amish farmers cart in various plants by the lot.
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Amish Country in the fall draws visitors from all around the country.
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Two young Amish boys make their way back home.
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Several shops line the quiet streets in Winesburg.
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In the spring and summer, flowers are as common as buggies in Holmes County. Every year, the Lamplight Inn in Berlin has hundreds of tulips.
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Farmers using work horses in the field are a common sight, especially in the spring and fall.
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From roadside flower shops and organic options to colorful nurseries, Holmes County is a haven for gardeners.
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Holmes County and Amish Country

Holmes County/Amish Country is located in Northeast-Central Ohio. This region is equidistant from Pittsburgh, Columbus and Cleveland, all which are approximately 1.75-2 hours away by car.

Approximately 36,000 Amish residents make the region the largest Amish community in the world. Centered in Holmes County, Amish Country extends into each of the surrounding five counties. The Amish community has existed in this region of Ohio since 1809.

The top tourist draws include the Amish and country-life experience, the scenery, quilts, furniture, craftwork and locally produced food. There are approximately 4 million visitors each year.

Holmes County population: 42,000

Holmes County was founded in 1824.

Most frequently visited towns

Millersburg Millersburg is the county seat of Holmes County and has been recognized for its historic district, highlighted by the grand Millersburg Courthouse and Victorian House Museum. The Holmes County Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau is located here.

3,600 (Village of Millersburg)
Main attractions:

Tourism Bureau
Victorian House
Millersburg Depot/Rails to Trails
Historic Hotel Millersburg
Historic Downtown Millersburg shopping district

Berlin Berlin is the most popular tourism destination for its variety of stores. More than 60 retail businesses are located within two miles in Berlin, making it a popular place to spend a day walking through town. Many of Amish Countryís well known attributes can be found in Berlin, such as cheese, furniture and quilts.

4,500 (Berlin Township)
Main attractions:

60 businesses providing shopping, dining and lodging

Walnut Creek Walnut Creek has a little bit to offer everyone. The view from the luxurious Carlisle Inn Walnut Creek and the Der Dutchman Restaurant is one of the most striking in the area. Visitors also canít leave without indulging in a few treats from Coblentz Chocolate Company, where you can also watch as the chocolates are made and packaged. Several furniture stores are located in Walnut Creek.

3,700 (Walnut Creek Township)
Main Attractions:

The Carlisle Inn Walnut Creek
Holmes County Amish Flea Market
Coblentz Chocolate Company
Walnut Creek Cheese